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Cork on the Floor- the super sustainable, eco friendly way to cover your floor!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

This article in Houzz is just great (Please click on the image to view the article).

I have been desperately trying to get a cork floor into lots of my projects for the huge amounts of benefits you will read here in this brilliant article.

It can be slightly on the expensive side for the more durable, family friendly options - however, the more of us using this excellent material, the quicker it will become less costly and will be much more widely available at a more homeowner friendly price.

If you can stretch to it, it is absolutely worth the investment, acoustic properties, natural warmth, forgiving texture and glowing green footprint.

Have a read and don't look back. Cork is for life, not just for wine bottles!

Photo Credit: Blog Post by PrettyHandyGirl.com who installed a cork kitchen floor into her family home and writes about it's practicality . For the record - she loves it! Read her article here: https://www.prettyhandygirl.com/cork-floors-one-year-report/

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