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A Myth Exposed

Myth Exposed: Interior Designers do not have to be expensive commodities and they do not know better than their clients. They just have experience, learned insights and time do what you don't have to!

Are you thinking about decorating a room in your home?

Is this giving you a headache!?

Could this be because....

You would really like some help knowing where to start?

You'd quite like someone to identify what is missing to tie a recently redecorated room together because it just doesn't quite look finished?

Perhaps you have a supremely busy schedule day to day and would like a room redesigning but you just do not have the time to put into it to achieve your dream space that you can relax into at the end of a very long day or week?

Are you tired of a particular space in your home and you just don't know how to go about making it feel the way you want it to or know how to go about achieving it?

Do you want some inspiration from someone but would rather get on with it yourself once you have some?

Well if any of the above apply to you, I can help,

Drop me a line or give me a call and I would be thrilled to assist make your life a little bit easier without breaking the bank.

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